The Art Of Love

The art of loving Requires no brush of paint Or numbered two pencil She is the art Her heart the canvas Upon which my love is stenciled How I need no eyes to see The desire written upon her own My chocolate skin coating her caramel Body in kisses; where licks too are honed Wanting […]

Missing The Touch

Missing the touch That sent me over the edge Before the parting of ways Came full speed ahead This loss and distance resounds in echoes of sleepless Nights spent Wallowing in tears of long gones and regret This lover knows no better Than to believe she was the best No one else could drape me […]

The Dark Side of Affairs IV

I was recently asked by a reader of my blog:  How or what did you read or do in order to initially get it together!? I met my karma head on. After all, it was mine – I earned it, I deserved it, I knew it was coming and so I braced and prepared myself for the […]

Relationships: Cancer Changes Everything

(circa 1998) Where is my will Where has my spirit gone Flown away like a dove Released and peaceful Yet I am not pure All perfection a figment Always the occupant Of mortal thoughts Imperfect premises Must it be this way A constant contemplate… We went from being at peace to declaring war in a […]

The Darkness Surrounding the Light of Day

It was surreal to be honest Of the vast desolate silence in the house The only noises felt were within rays Streaming in from above Shining in through the skylight window you so love So much for camping and road trips and festivals to come Oh Clark Street – you must have known this was […]

The Transformation of Lives

How is it That in such a short time You have produced a fear That has crippled our stride As I watched my baby’s face succumb To news neither of us were expecting We became numb Breast cancer the diagnosis It was confirmed to us It had dug in its trenches Tracked footprints across Our […]

Heart Inscribed

I love the feeling of you wrapped into me Intricately, night after night we seam So connected that we’re threaded And it’s not only in our dreams We contest what needs professing And take each other to extremes Having never explored the other Do you remember when we Frolicked and played amidst disorder Learning one another […]

A Fleeting Encounter

Hear me out for a minute; I wasn’t just thinking about me I was thinking of my heartbreak and recent insecurity I was thinking, damn, despite this, I’m feeling you immensely Knowing I had baggage and honestly not wanting you to see I didn’t want to share everything, embarrassed by my feelings Wanting so badly […]

Erotic Trust

I was that smooth operator Made love with lavish lust My desires no procrastinator Spent – day and night Reenacting love songs We’d skip the heart-breakers and through sweat and funk We fucked There was no requirement for things tasting of sweetness No fake bliss While licking pussy like a thirsty kitten being weaned Off its mom’s […]

Times Waits For Love

Miles of roadway overlapped every flutter All my thoughts centered on making the journey Miles of roadway separated beating hearts Trying to pry apart what both had given –  not taken  Those unspoken words still owned our thoughts Those we thought were better left unstated Didn’t want to profess anything for naught Despite faux protests ringing loudly in my ears Those […]

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