On Stupid Stuck

The truth is nearly impossible to swallow Something as big as the biggest heartbeat God ever made belongs to a blue whale Then try to explain just how futile it is to become To be nubile in a world as distasteful as ours is young Love mistaken for abuse, ignorance mistaken for mere youth In […]

For The First Time

I am as if for the first time Seeing myself through another’s eyes I am a complicated contradiction Of ingenious ingenuity My self destruction rebels against the self instruction that moves me The negativity presumably exudes me of responsibility I am left being a left brain feign I am that bird on a wire, hanging […]

Hidden In Plain Sight

The truth is backwards They say it’s stranger than fiction Hey, whatever works Against the current, we swim Strokes of Falsified Records, and Stolen Status Quos, They all float downstream Resting on lakes no paddler knows Beliefs contained in a system Organized by intelligent men Derived as a way to conceal inadequacy found within Anti-intellectual […]

The Garden of DNA

A Posh Prison For Ruiling Elite With a High Security Fence To Keep Away The Weak Perfect Place For Atu-Waa’s Long Awaited Sleep Iraq, Iran, but First Afghanistan they Seek Weapons of Mass Destruction Found Where? …Exactly Oil & Money – They Took A Pass On Those Things …Time That’s What’s On Their Minds In […]

The Truth About Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a choice The soul makes before birth It has nothing to do with Your souls actual worth We are all worthy in our physical life Blood genes and brain matter aside It is our hearts that matter most What we project from the inside The heart of a gay man Or that of […]

What Purpose Love Serves

The language that follows the path of most resistance whether it’s the marrying type or the look who’s coming to dinner tonight It is not all hype Up on the coffee table we have christened, which found no weary mug needing rest, no I don’t drink coffee, only the warm soft skin of the woman […]

The Panic Attack

Panic attack Disdain when it acts Imposing its will Despair re-enacts It sucks The life Right on out of me In fact: my Spirit saps My teeth chatter My nerves rattle My heart beats faster Self what’s the matter I ask I plead I eventually concede My brain suffice to say Begs for release Won’t […]

A Need To Fill

I need to write but I’m unsure of what I’m thinking Thoughts in disarray and still not in sync and I hardly understand what I am meant to be feeling So many emotions to sort through – so many broken links No fear of being alone – no darkness concealing No longer afraid of being […]

The Universe in Discord

They shootin’ rockets at the moon Claim they lookin’ for water Awarding President’s Peace Prizes He ain’t done shit to stop the slaughter Requires a crisis of conscious Why a crisis is upon us But I don’t wish for terrible things Only for them to be spun off us Brought out into the light To […]

How’s Life Cheating You

Two years in review and much has changed Opportunities arise on a daily base And still I put myself out there Unafraid to take blame Of my past indiscretions And the danger I faced When I came clean about cheating I’ll never forget the day Drove over to my mistresses place I had a lot to say When […]

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