Meet Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan

There’s been a rumor floating around the political blogosphere that Elena Kagan, Obama’s Supreme Court Justice nominee, is a lesbian. The story originated from former Bush administration aide and Republican Senate Staffer Ben Domenech. He’s a conservative blogger on CBS  where the story first broke and was subsequently slammed by the White House in response.  In the article, Domenech indicated […]

My Thoughts On Immigration, Circa 2007

My thoughts in 2007: It’s about more than supply and demand. There’s a great deal of random disparity in the current system that is not only at odds with the current rule of law, but it grants legal status to certain nationalities at a much higher rate than others who come from arguably worse economic conditions. At […]

A Constance McMillen Rant: Mississippi Students Bigotry Reflects The Tone Of America

You remember Constance McMillan, the lesbian teen from Mississippi who was denied attendance to her prom if she brought a girl and wore a tux. Well, she finally had her prom, but there’s a catch. Only 7 other students were there including the principal and a few teachers. The other outcasts included 2 learning disabled students who didn’t receive an invite […]

DADT’s Third Party Use And Abuse: The Case Of Jene Newsome

Sgt. Jene Newsome, the nine-year Air Force veteran, was discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell when police in South Dakota investigating her wife’s alleged crimes reported their marriage to Newsome’s commanding officers, via fax, on Nov. 24. Cops say they did it because Newsome was suspected of harboring a fugitive and was “very uncooperative.” Newsome […]

Mississippi School Denies Lesbian And Cancels Prom

According to Yahoo News, a high school in Mississippi cancelled its annual prom rather than allow 18 year old senior Constance McMillen to attend with her girlfriend who is also a student. School board officials decided it was in their best interest to ruin prom for everyone rather than just Constance and her girlfriend. They have a right to cancel […]

DADT Revisited: Gay Rights Criticisms Explored

[youtube][/youtube] A fresh breath of cynicism is sometimes useful, but not in relation to granting American’s their civil liberties. With that said, I strongly agree with the president’s state of the union address regarding DADT, but only with the understanding that there exists no timeline on promises made. Unlike many others, I didn’t expect the important gay rights issues to be served […]

Gay Rights And Civil Rights

I was reading a post over at The Rainbow Room today and came across a subject I’ve been meaning to write about, but have been putting off for some time. The post gave me just the boost I needed. I’m only disappointed that I’m not able to add more to it, but for now, a […]

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

In 1951 the US military declared homosexuality an unacceptable risk and dishonorably discharged about 2,000 men and women. With that said, gay and lesbian soldiers have come a long way in gaining some acceptance and openness in the military. But is it enough? The gay marriage debate has caused me to reflect on so many other issues currently […]