Can the super committee save the US economy?

One of the biggest jokes in Washington is when it comes time to balance the federal budget. It’s when Democrats, Republicans and Independents all take a seat at the proverbial roundtable in a pre-emptive effort to balance or bring some kind of legitimacy and clarity to America’s great big budget. All of this to prevent […]

The Lesser of the Two: Kirk vs Giannoulias

In one corner we have Congressman Mark Kirk, a man that was so desperate to win favor among the conservative Tea Party crowd that he at one time actively sought the endorsement of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for the Senate candidacy. He did however balk at the idea of receiving an endorsement from Glenn Beck. When […]

Why Juan Williams Was Fired by NPR Then Hired by Fox

When I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous. I do a double take. I have a moment of anxiety of fear given what […]

The NAACP & The White House: ‘Snoockered’ By Breitbart & Fox News

If you’ve been following the latest political news, you would know that Shirley Sherrod, a black USDA official from Georgia, was forced to resign a few days ago after ‘edited’ video surfaced on the web which purported to show that she had unfairly discriminated against a white farmer seeking assistance. When the full video was released we learned that not only did she […]

Tea Party Express Leader Mark Williams Booted For Racist ‘Satire’

Dear Mr. Lincoln We Coloreds have taken a vote and decided that we don’t cotton to that whole emancipation thing. Freedom means having to work for real, think for ourselves, and take consequences along with the rewards. That is just far too much to ask of us Colored People and we demand that it stop! […]

Meet Alvin Greene: The Sarah Palin Of The Democratic Party (video)

Alvin Greene (D-SC) on why he feels he won the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate: “I think that, uh, you know, that they , you know, they heard of my name when I was campaigning across the state , you know, and uh, by word of mouth, uh, I got the word around…you know, it […]

Glenn Beck Thinks He’s Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are on the side of individual freedoms and liberties, and damn it we will reclaim the civil rights moment. We will take that movement because we were the people that did it in the first place… Glenn Beck is planning a big organized rally on the anniversary of Dr. King’s 1963 March on Washington, […]

Detroit Ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Sentenced To Prison

In his 2002 inaugural address, Kilpatrick said: “ I stand before you as a son of the city of Detroit and all that it represents. I was born here in the city of Detroit, I was raised here in the city of Detroit, I went to these Detroit Public Schools. I understand this city. … […]

Anti-Gay Baptist Minister Hires Male Escort

(CNN) — The anti-gay rights activist who recently toured Europe with a male escort has resigned from a group that promotes counseling for people who “struggle with unwanted homosexuality,” though the man insists that he is not gay. George Rekers resigned from the board of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, the […]

Meet Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan

There’s been a rumor floating around the political blogosphere that Elena Kagan, Obama’s Supreme Court Justice nominee, is a lesbian. The story originated from former Bush administration aide and Republican Senate Staffer Ben Domenech. He’s a conservative blogger on CBS  where the story first broke and was subsequently slammed by the White House in response.  In the article, Domenech indicated […]

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