Because you did not harbor all the ideals of one of your parental units Of the memories of reverse gentrification and neighbor(hood)s changing faces The distrust and disgust did not stop the sun from shining on everyone equally, especially you And your heart became a ball of fierce love and protection as you subconsciously noticed […]

Newt Gingrich’s Family Values and the Politics of Infidelity

The most successful cheaters are those astutely adept at manipulating fact, fiction, and opinion into whatever they want others to believe, primarily to suit their purpose. It is why I don’t find it hard to believe conservative political analysts and associates alike when they say, Newt Gingrich, a man with unquestionable expertise in the area […]

DADT Revisited: Gay Rights Criticisms Explored

[youtube][/youtube] A fresh breath of cynicism is sometimes useful, but not in relation to granting American’s their civil liberties. With that said, I strongly agree with the president’s state of the union address regarding DADT, but only with the understanding that there exists no timeline on promises made. Unlike many others, I didn’t expect the important gay rights issues to be served […]

Prop 8 Trial Reenactment

We are moving swiftly so that more Americans can see our government in action as it reviews this landmark case, said Ainsworth around one week after the start of the trial, which last Wednesday concluded witness testimonies                                                                – source ChristianPost Two filmmakers from Los Angeles, John Ireland and John Ainsworth, have posted a series […]