Futuristic Love

My soul fluctuates At ease for a millisecond The earth’s in tune as its axis re-coils The light from the sky darkens revealing an obnoxious galaxy It’s teeming with space, to be fulfilled by Two You see, our love moved the earth It was fierce and at times unkind creating UFO’s in our mind Your […]

A Brief History of Blacks, Marriage and Hypocrisy in the LDS

Black Mormons came to exist within two years of the founding of the Mormon Church by Joseph Smith in 1832. Elijah Able was the first black elder and Seventy Apostle or “traveling minister”. As a carpenter he contributed to the construction of the Temple in Utah, however he was denied his own Endowment in the […]

Premier Feature

The weekend show was our very own special Words tossed like pizzas leaving emotions disheaveled Torn in pieces, ragged remnants remain distorted bevels Mirror images of self descruct; my relationship’s in trouble My point of view is this, piece of mind remains remiss Strategically recorded her when she matter-of-factly called it quits Hard feelings ’cause […]

Movie Review: Taken

Liam Neeson is a great action hero. He makes you believe that you don’t want to feel his wrath. The problem with Taken is, “Why the hell would anyone want to save that that spoiled brat “Kim”, played by Maggie Grace. She was great as a spoiled, shallow, self centered, rich, bitch. The action scenes […]

Tie Me Down

Running laps in each other’s heads These circular motions bring discontent Although it’s bullshit when I say Life without you is less complicated When the truth of the matter is I’d twist every fucking limb Into their most tiniest bits If it meant keeping you by my side Onto me, keeping you tied While knotted […]

A Biblical Telle

I am worth more than these 6 colors, 4 initials, gay flags, and pride parades I am defined by more than my baggy pants, wife beater shirts and low cut fades But, lately, I find myself slipping into melancholy hissy fits, debating Religion and Sexuality with bible-thumping nit-wits They refer to the creator, who painted […]

Myspace Rap

Is karma still kicking this ass of mine? I figured, slates clean it’s 2009. I’m checking my myspace page today like usual. Low and behold, I have a couple messages from you. But that’s not what drew my attention first y’all. I looked about mid-page and was  surprised by what I saw. There’s a section on […]