Once, Twice, Three Times A Cheater

I remember the first time I started a blog with the intention of writing down the thoughts that haunted me for some time after my affair had ended. My thought process was complicated, mixed up with emotions, and all over the place. I figured it would help to write about what I couldn’t yet talk […]

1×6: Why are the transgendered taboo?

It’s that time of the week. Check out the latest 1 x 6 roundtable discussion at SteadyCat’s blog for answers to this question and more. Your comments and input are welcome and appreciated.       image by

Gay Rights And Civil Rights

I was reading a post over at The Rainbow Room today and came across a subject I’ve been meaning to write about, but have been putting off for some time. The post gave me just the boost I needed. I’m only disappointed that I’m not able to add more to it, but for now, a […]

Angry Contemplation

I was reading Alix’s latest blog and I started to reflect on past breakups I’ve had  and as I reflected on the worst of the worst I remember how… A dark cloud looms above as toxic rain falls reminiscent of lost love My heart so full it could burst straining against my chest in remembrance of her Wanting […]

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

In 1951 the US military declared homosexuality an unacceptable risk and dishonorably discharged about 2,000 men and women. With that said, gay and lesbian soldiers have come a long way in gaining some acceptance and openness in the military. But is it enough? The gay marriage debate has caused me to reflect on so many other issues currently […]

Just My ‘Magination

My imagination ran wild and while thinking freely A fantasy of sorts rather overtook me I wanted to pull no push you up against the wall Unclasp no rip off your satin bra And take pride in removing your sexy black thong As I nibbled my way down to your polished toes My teeth unzipped […]

American Violet Tidbits

 Alfre Woodard, Xzibit, Will Patton, Charles Dutton and Michael O’Keefe. Do any of those names sound familiar? They all make up the cast of “American Violet”. Nicole Beharie plays Dee Roberts, a single mother with four children living in a housing project in small town Texas. Dee gets picked up at the local diner where […]

360 Degrees of Us

Countless times she told me she loved me I told her in due time she’d show me she loved me And then there was this, our souls mating in destiny For she insisted our past lives were destined to be She claimed we had been together all throughout history In one life I broke her […]

What’s The Deal With The Pirates In Somalia

Hip-Hop artist K’NAAN explains why Somali pirates operating off the Gulf of Aden are hijacking international ships traveling through on business and pleasure. “Most Somalis will tell you they cannot readily condemn pirates. Private companies are hired by governments to dispose of nuclear toxic waste. Since the early ’90’s, when the government of my country collapsed, these […]

Becoming Reacquainted

Saturday night rolled around and I was getting fresh and clean for the night out. L invited me to to a going away party for a friend and I said yes, of course. I drove to L’s house and waited for her and her roommate to finish getting ready. Finally, we headed to her friend’s […]

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