Afternoon Delight

I had no idea how two women had sex although I’d thought about it often despite subconscious protests. My interest was curious and quite innocent at first, although years later I would eventually taste the nectar that quenched my thirst. The first time I made love was the end of July 1997 at the Hilton […]

A Stolen Kiss

I’m not sure if you know, but the first time I saw you I could barely contain myself. Those butterflies swirling around my stomach were violent and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to hug you just the way I’d imagined so often. I was nervous, but I could still think clearly. I wondered […]

Untitled Lust

There she lays on her back anticipating let’s fuck I enter through her mind thinking thoughts come rapidly My body heat drinks in the night perspiration saturates every part of me Inside closed eyes her palm leads mine exposing hands to what I have not yet seen I’ve longed to taste beneath her surface sliding […]

Live With Abandon

Have you ever… gone out on a  LIMB and shouted to the world that you were in love? Walked down the street holding hands with your baby and not a care in the world? Bought fresh Cala Lilies in its myraiad of different colors and given them to her out of the blue, just because? Buy her favorite painting […]

One Voice Worldwide: Gay Pride Vol. I

You can deny us our rights, but you can’t deny us our pride. Red for life.  Orange for healing.  Yellow for the sun.  Green for nature. Blue for art.  Indigo for harmony.  Violet for spirit.  [youtube][/youtube] 

Black Churches Resent Gay Civil Rights Comparisons

I was reading Alix’s recent blog post about homophobia in the black community and the subject of education was quickly addressed and targeted as one of the main culprits in the moral dilemma surrounding homosexuality and black acceptance, or the unproven, yet definitive lack thereof. I came across many a disturbing comment from black clergy from all walks of […]

Aung San Suu Kyi: An Extraordinary Woman

One day while searching the blogosphere I happened upon Alice Walker’s website and it was only a matter of minutes before I’d found her blog and began to canvas it. I found myself reading everything I came across until the letter, and that’s when I knew that someone extraordinary had caught my minds eye. I stumbled across an […]

Can I Just Say

I love when your lips weave about me a slow dance of deep breaths Beautifully raw in form like Maya Angelou’s poetry in flesh Stretched and exposed a love stripped of innocence Misplaced like resin angels on concrete building tenements Mmm irresistible the feeling of warmth from just being near you I refuse to take […]

The Epitome Of A Stud

The Lesbian Stud Manifesto The Rules Be yourself. Treat your woman like a treasure. Stay true and committed to you. Let me begin by saying that identifying as a more dominant or masculine lesbian has little to do with gender maturity and everything to do with finding our internal comfort zone. Gender maturity is something […]

1×6: Corrective Rape In South Africa

It’s that time of the week. Check out the latest 1 x 6 roundtable discussion. This week we’re discussing corrective rape in South Africa and the human rights consequences, if any. Check out and read all 6 of our perspectives at Aricia’s Blog. Your comments and input are welcome and appreciated.

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