Rainbow Roses

I like my roses rainbow I’m talkin’ my feminine Viva La Revolution type of roses Rockin’ a graphic pride shirt And a tightly fitted camouflage skirt The perfect companion for my dyke rebellion The type to march arm-to-arm then kiss in each other’s arms I like my roses the opposite of straight The type that […]

Seize The Day

Life “Have you ever realized just how amazing life is? And how extremely short it is? You have to live each day to the fullest, letting those close to you know how much you love them. That’s why each day should be looked at as a blessing no matter what is going wrong. Seize each […]

The Proposal: Movie Review

Margaret Tate, (Played by Sandra Bullock) and Andrew Paxton, (Played by Ryan Reynolds) put on one hell of a show. The first two thirds of this movie will have you pissing your pants. The last third will have you wishing love was real and that you had some. Aasif Mandvi, from the Daily show had […]

STUD; Dispelling The Myths by Azaan Kamau

With permission from the author I present to you STUD; Dispelling The Myths. I poured through the first 15 pages of the book and before I did that, I knew I would would not want to stop reading. The title alone brings a smile to my face and places renewed hope in my heart. The voice, […]

A Cure For The Blues

What my instincts told me to do and what I actually did were two different things. Not surprising. About two weeks ago I blogged about something I came across online over the weekend, which happened to give me a case of the curious blues. I was in a mode where my emotions were playing flip-flop […]

The Rocks

This moment feels right. I can hear the crash of ever-gushing waves rushing to the ends of the shore and back. I remember falling in love as the sun set behind us. It spread over your heart and calmed an uneasy spirit and I imprinted that moment in my mind. I can smell the Northern Great […]

The Sneaky Cheater’s Masquerade Ball

Johnny Jei Le You could hoist legs over shoulders curl toes and put smiles on her face at midnight stuck in prose while kisses slide across lips. And even then my words resonate as she longs for long gone moments. I could comb out my fro ’till it’s puffed, au natural. Like a dandelion before a soft […]

I’ll Make You Come Again

I have inhaled and exhaled the lovemaking you have distributed upon my mind and from your sensuality I never want to exchange adieus.  The depth of your passionate fluxing defines the epiphany of inner beauty and it is one of the many things I’ve sought and found in you. You are more than sexy you are […]

Love Potion #10

I close my eyes while picturing our souls mental depart A subtle reflection of past harmonic poetry in motion Reminiscing holding her in my arms trying to climb back inside her heart Where I’ll spend an eternity creating for her rhythmic love potions Suddenly realizing that we’ve never had to make love It’s always been […]

Mind Play

I spent all day dreaming of you Against the wall while I had my way with you Didn’t protest or draw away from my attempts To do so would make the agonizing pleasure more intense Between hips where the heat from us both seek locked lips And throbbing recognition in deeper places I know exist  […]

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