Mothers Always Know

Mom thinks I’m gay As if my rainbow reflects backwards only In the middle of day Hello… I hold hands with women while hiding my feminine in back pockets And what is this gay recruitment Bullshit she’s been speaking so much of Do my actions deceive them turn their heads sideways pump lesbian into their bodies […]

My Addiction

An addict in lust Is awakened from An emerging slumber “My love, you beckoned?”  Want me to come on strong Take you over and under All day and night long Fingering my way inside Your wet sloppy cunt fulfilling far greater than merely an addiction Pussy was made for me And if I smoked the sticky […]

Chicago Pride Parade: A Video Pictorial

I’m sharing a few pictures of my sort of limited view of the parade this year. This is my second year in a row volunteering to walk the route instead of watch the parade. Either way, I had an absolute fucking blast and can’t wait to do it again next year. Pictures and video will be aplenty in 2010, […]

Late Blooming Lezzies

Most women know the exact moment in life when they began to question their attraction to another woman. I recall talking to my mom some years back after being outed, and reflecting on the questions and comments she was asking me. She desperately wanted someone to blame for my sexuality, a reason why I was […]

Once Upon A Rope

we play tug of love with heart shaped – tightly knotted rope pulled roughly between double spaced and double laced scrivened slopes. we compose in subconscious back and forth low and high notes. and I confess to fucking and loving every word.  everytime the light bulb turned on your kinky nerd. and all your secret […]