Time Travelers Wife

Eric Bana (Clare) and Rachel McAdams (Henry) star in this dramatic fantasy, which is directed by Robert Schwentke. This is a must see movie. There is a phrase in the Bible “Ecclesiastes 1:18”, loosely translated “Increased knowledge increases sorrow” and that is what this movie shows. The movie is so wonderful it hooks you with […]

Love Story

This love story scares me and thrills me all at once It began in the most complicated of circumstances Love is the glue that binds two To hold on tight To the one that you feel the most some lonely nights It is the emotion which can set free or put over edge Thrust into a wild […]

Semenya Caster Update

It’s been leaked that world champion athlete, Semenya Caster, has returned abnormaly high levels of testosterone. Three times the “normal” level of a woman. While this is not  indicative of any abuse of performance enhancing drugs, it does prompt further testing. Initially, I felt race played absolutely no role in the request for testing as there are plenty of documented […]

Ten Random Monday Mumblings V. 1

Blogging: When commenting on a post it’s always a good idea to include a link back to your web page in the URL section. I’ve noticed that people often don’t check their URL for accuracy after typing it into the text box and guess what? The address you’re pointing people to could be misspelled so […]

South African Athlete Faces Gender Test

My personal thoughts after reading this story revolve around the fact that many top female athletes have body frames and muscular physiques that are far more defined than that of the average woman. While I understand the curiosity surrounding South African distance runner Semenya Caster’s physique and male characteristics, I mainly question the audacity and timing of it all. She’s fairly new on the world stage in athletics, but this […]

We Want Our Country Back

Oh, is that so? You want it back from the half black man we elected months ago? Or is there some other fear which serves to threaten your resolve? The fact that no one’s really listening because whether you like it or not, health care is here to stay and soon it’ll be a free for […]

Quasi Coherent Ramblings II

I can’t believe this woman had the nerve to get an attitude As if this understanding we’ve reached is giving her some extra latitude Well it ain’t The situation is simply propagated by emotion filled rage over issues we’ve recently engaged I had no idea the very prospect of my realizations came through “weary hatin’ […]

What’s Your Personality Type?

I’ve been an INTP with INFP tendencies for as long as I’ve been taking the Myers Briggs Type Indicator; a psychological assessment used to measure personality preferences based on a series of 2 answer questions. The times I’ve taken the test have been mostly out of curiosity and as a undergrad student taking a few low level Psych classes. This test determines personality traits based on 4 primary dichotomies: How they […]

Quasi Coherent Ramblings I

If she could reside in the same space as I, She would understand. Warm nights all snuggled up tight. Down in the dumps? Baby girl will make it right. Stress on the job and the damn economy. Don’t worry about a thing. I got your back. – Papi She tried to turn you into me. […]

Truth Be Told

Scr-scratch turned the table as I scribbled down uncertainties Caused my pen discontent cause writers contemplate everything Like the what’s when’s and why’s comprised in literature and poetry Yet contrast was stark when eyes were especially glued onto me Didn’t lay claim to any heartbeats as they fluttered about openly Writing of repaired broken hearts sans suicide tendencies I manipulated words while you tweaked and twirked music sheets Even whole truths I’d tell when […]

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