Is Roman Polanski A Pedophile?

Reminder: Roman Polanski raped a child Let’s keep in mind that Roman Polanski gave a 13-year-old girl a Quaalude and champagne, then raped her, before we start discussing whether the victim looked older than her 13 years, or that she now says she’d rather not see him prosecuted because she can’t stand the media attention. […]

Beaten To Death In Broad Daylight

Video: Teen Attacked, Beaten to Death in Melee This is the latest in a string of violent deaths that have targeted Chicago’s inner city youth. In any civilized society the death of Derrion Albert would be major, tragic news, however it’s shaping up to be another sad story in the life of an honor roll student. Wrong […]

My Take On People

I’ve met many people over the years that have shared opinions and views that were worlds apart from my own. When I stop to consider that there is more than one way to establish a point of view, which in turn is an expression of life experiences and how we’ve adjusted along the way, I […]

Strap It Up

We bounce off each other And I love the feel Of your female muscle Every time you let go I take your motions in slow Knowing that come tomorrow Abs will be sore down low For a while we don’t touch I tower over a glistening body Only sweat between us A promise to cross all boundaries There’s something I want deep inside  Show me the […]

Sometimes The World Sucks

i. It’s not always obvious, but it’s often staring you in the face. It’s a feeling, a sickness; an evil called hate. News and media are filled with it, although most can’t even relate. Writers and poets are all too aware and through their words retaliate. Hate means “intense dislike, to feel antipathy or an aversion […]

Justice For Eudy Simelane

Raped and killed for being a lesbian: South Africa ignores ‘corrective’ attacks The partially clothed body of Eudy Simelane, former star of South Africa‘s acclaimed Banyana Banyana national female football squad, was found in a creek in a park in Kwa Thema, on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Simelane had been gang-raped and brutally beaten […]

The Quest

In the beginning our love was complicated yet wonderful What I felt for you was a hunger that was insatiable There was this need for you that existed inside of me That overwhelmed my soul; spirit, mind and body Constantly taking me to another level of consciousness Kept me wishing for another hour, another minute, another […]

Weekend Rap-Up: Highs and Lows

I’ve been a Williams sisters fan for as long as I can remember. I can appreciate and admire the visibility and respect they’ve garnered for their masterful prowess on and off the tennis court.  Thanks in large part to having parents that care.  Following this weekends outrageous on-court outburst, there’s been a lot of talk among die hard […]

Peace, Love, Oprah and Black Eyed Peas

I love this video and it may be just the thing I needed to bring back my passion for the people of Chicago and the Black Eyed Peas. Eh, who knows. All I know is this video kicked more ass than the ass kicking my teammates and I got on the field today. We had so few players I ended up playing on the defense, offense, kicking […]

The Dress

Last night proved once again that two attractive friends and former lovers can go out and have a night on the town and things remain platonic. We met at the bar & grill around 9:17p.m. We were both late, as usual, but it was cool because with you I don’t feel that constant pressure to always […]

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