Real Talk Pt. II

See you still ain’t scratched that selfish itch See you still ain’t stopped me from being a hopeless romantic Ticked off cause my love gave you a number I kept you idle for hours while away messages soothed your wonder Told you I was no good for you Yet you refused to let go Figured […]

Real Talk Pt. 1

I’m not impressed with your relationship Your myspace posing Downelinking sexy composes Exposing clicks in pictures Caring not about who notices I see through your resin augmentation Plaster of paris created molds Enhancing images created My ex-mistress was a pro at this job Explains my lack of interest in barbies Save for Nicki Minaj Mad props to any woman who keeps […]


She doesn’t say it aloud Too concerned with portraying a fallen angel now Until I bare my soul in rare moments of abundance And convince her my poetry is more than dropping nouns And see how she talks of her past loves And the strength she’s gained from moving on Soul well oiled and aged like leather scrolls […]

A Mini Review Of Avatar

Avatar: A must see 3D movie. This movie is a compilation of innuendo and spirituality. The planet we are on during the movie is called Pandora, and the ore being mined is called Unobtanium. The scientist in charge of communicating with and understanding the natives is Grace Augustine.   We start with Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) our hero, and then […]

Tiger Woods

Everyone has an opinion about Tiger Woods latest predicament Claiming the fame instead of claiming the blame Mistresses proud of destroying relationships Realize this, the mass media has driven us to the brink of moral obscurity When it comes to asserting certain opinions imagine the havoc wreaked on ones family You desperate mofos and your faulty senses of […]

Loves Consolation

With eyes half-wide and lucid ulterior motives entice mind won’t shut up with wry smile and vacillating lips a cock-eyed counterclockwise disguise persists despite fiercely contested dismissive attempts I sway dark in the shadow of my density a spot on moonlit night ripples wave intensely eyes pierce through like fright dark against white, basking in onyx and […]