So My Ex Is Dating A Man

I’ve always assumed, as generalizations go, that not sleeping with someone helped determine whether the relationship had a future just as much as sleeping with someone helps determine that for others. Today, the focus is my ex and the fact that she’s dating a guy now. Yes, that ex. The one you never imagined in a million years would cross […]

Universal Love

If Genesis is a metaphor For creation Our love exists readily All over the universe Evolving post apocalyptic Surviving centuries of existence Without holding hands or Embraced in open mouth kisses This single celled organism Heart breaks for you Lucky to have your love At least a century or two We’ve seen lovers create Who were greater […]

Can You Be Friends With An Ex?

It’s not a difficult pursuit unless the relationship ended so badly there is absolutely no chance of reconciliation. Cultivating a true friendship after the romance is dead is especially difficult if the relationship was one dimensional throughout, i.e., the physical attraction overpowered an intense emotional connection that could have been established. If the friendship was solid prior to the onset of romance, then retaining it is likely to complicate […]

Semenya Caster Is Back On Track

And she is determined to compete in track and field events at home (South Africa) and internationally while awaiting the outcome of a gender test she was required to undergo in late 2009. The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has refused to speak about the investigation until an official statement is released. The scientific test results will remain confidential, however the […]

Bisexual Women Are Not Lesbians

There’s still this stigma. Bisexual women are even treated as sexual pariahs by other bisexual women, which is something I never quite understood until recently. Bisexuality has a reputation derived not only from straight communities, but in the LGBT community as well. Is it fear of abandonment, over powering suspicions that once heart, body and soul have been […]

Atlanta Falcons Ovie Mughelli Outed

I came across a story that initially captured my attention because of its NFL football ties to the Atlanta Falcons, a team I follow. The story originated over at Miss Jia’s blog. She posted a letter from a wounded, former, ex-lover of Atlanta Falcons football player, Ovie Mughelli, whom he hasn’t seen since 2007. All of this information is alleged at present time. […]

You Send Me

You sound good Like jazz in the morning Take my head on a ride That can only be described In lullabies past They play slow as our souls’ Oddly shaped matter becomes plentiful By dancing circles in fine tune With thumping beats sound proofed Through heart and guts It requires both to love me But beware ’cause My love scenes don’t […]

A New Moon

If the paint covering our walls could talk they’d speak in orange tongues Of moons engulfing the sun blanketing bodies each time they multiplied to become one They would talk of the times we’d feed breakfast in bed And your loving nature Which encompassed all of it It would tell of slow dances, And sloppy sweet serenades It would tell of passionate […]

The Other Morning On The Train

I stepped into an empty train car. Well, it wasn’t completely empty for there were two weary passengers with their heads slunk down, deep in sleep in their respective seats. “Not bad” was my first thought. I get to ride to work, unassuming, and not be bothered by others and their funny smelling breath and easy restlessness. That is, until the smell hit. So […]