Michael Steele’s Entourage Makes It Rain ‘Bondage Style’

From CNN  Washington (CNN) – A California-based political consultant who charged the Republican National Committee nearly $2,000 for a night out at Voyeur – a risque West Hollywood nightclub now at center of the latest controversy surrounding RNC chairman Michael Steele – will return the money to the party, a committee spokesman told CNN Monday. […]

In The Words Of Joe Biden, “This Is A Big Effing Deal”

Let’s hear what Joe Biden had to say about the health bill passing. The Republicans Respond Only hours after President Barack Obama signed one of the most sweeping pieces of health care legislation in American history, U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint filed a bill to repeal the controversial new law. On Tuesday, DeMint introduced a bill […]

DADT’s Third Party Use And Abuse: The Case Of Jene Newsome

Sgt. Jene Newsome, the nine-year Air Force veteran, was discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell when police in South Dakota investigating her wife’s alleged crimes reported their marriage to Newsome’s commanding officers, via fax, on Nov. 24. Cops say they did it because Newsome was suspected of harboring a fugitive and was “very uncooperative.” Newsome […]

Obama’s Health Care Victory Leaves Conservatives Stuck On Stupid… Again

Conservative blowhards took fear mongering to unprecedented levels over the past year with regard to health care reform, but the Liberals loons still prevailed. The passage of the health care reform bill loomed in the air this morning, and conversation with a colleague focused on the prospect that her dad would  finally be able to apply for and receive health insurance […]

Clothes Don’t Make You But They Can Break You

“I’ve always been a tomboy!” I exclaimed with a force that I hoped would resonate long after the conversation ended. My mom proceeded to say, “No, you haven’t, you liked wearing dresses.” After sincerely expressing that I never liked or enjoyed wearing either she lamented that perhaps there was truth to this. Besides, the proof was in the […]

Love Is Imperfect Perfection

My love runs through Broken hearts and altered souls Exalted love was made impure While walking paths that no bound knows Whispering nothings sweet and minced Empty proclamation’s dispensed Yet still hearts deeply embedded within  Permanently encased within a permanence A familiar feeling I became acquainted with So while lust and desire took a hold our gift You held on to promises made Without pretense ————————————— We endured the pain of turning […]

How To Find And Approach A Stud

Hello! Im just coming out and being so i feel like im to late in the game (37yrs)..I try to approach ag studs but to me they seem to arrogant to picky to fussy its a bit to much for me to deal with the drama.. Im a bubbly person i like to laugh and […]

Mississippi School Denies Lesbian And Cancels Prom

According to Yahoo News, a high school in Mississippi cancelled its annual prom rather than allow 18 year old senior Constance McMillen to attend with her girlfriend who is also a student. School board officials decided it was in their best interest to ruin prom for everyone rather than just Constance and her girlfriend. They have a right to cancel […]

What Are Your Relationship Expectations?

While reading the blog A Brown Girl Gone Gay, one of Alix’s entries captured my attention. It’s the one titled Love With Expectations and it’s a great post that touches on one of the most important aspects of any relationships longevity. That is the ability to examine, evaluate and meet each other’s expectations, which are next to impossible to love without. That doesn’t mean expectations […]

Times Waits For Love

Miles of roadway overlapped every flutter All my thoughts centered on making the journey Miles of roadway separated beating hearts Trying to pry apart what both had given –  not taken  Those unspoken words still owned our thoughts Those we thought were better left unstated Didn’t want to profess anything for naught Despite faux protests ringing loudly in my ears Those […]

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