The Tea Party: A Misguided Movement

When a political movement takes off as quickly as the Tea Party, there is no doubt that the phrase “we don’t believe you, you need more people” no longer applies. What counts is having the ability to articulate your beliefs in a way that makes sense to a broad base of biased and unbiased onlookers.  They almost had me believing that they were really […]

Pissed Off Republicans And The Audacity Of The Tea Party

I bet you never thought you’d see the day when protesting was not only encouraged, but downright cool with conservatives and Republicans. The more progressive the Tea Party movement appears to be, the more steam it will pick up along the way. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably asked yourself more than once, what exactly […]

What’s New With The Ex and I

I admit that I’ve been hesitant to write a follow up about the ex and I for good reason. For one, I had absolutely no idea where to begin. Secondly, I didn’t want to come off like some disillusioned ex stuck on mourning the loss of that which was never mine to begin with; my […]

Supreme Court Justice Hillary Clinton?

Last week, Justice John Paul Stevens announced that he is retiring. This will be the second Supreme Court Justice President Obama will pick and have confirmed in his capacity as president. This is a big deal. He’s been given the opportunity to have another hand in shaping the US Supreme Court. These lifetime appointments are not decided lightly. We are looking […]

Semenya Caster Plans Competitive Comeback

“I hereby publicly announce my return to athletics competitions“ Semenya Caster’s lawyers previously indicated that test results obtained in February will confirm that she’s cleared for competition, but there’s something delaying her return to competition. That something is the International Association of Athletics Federation who has not yet ruled on whether Semenya can compete as a […]

A Constance McMillen Rant: Mississippi Students Bigotry Reflects The Tone Of America

You remember Constance McMillan, the lesbian teen from Mississippi who was denied attendance to her prom if she brought a girl and wore a tux. Well, she finally had her prom, but there’s a catch. Only 7 other students were there including the principal and a few teachers. The other outcasts included 2 learning disabled students who didn’t receive an invite […]

The Epitome Of A Stud Revisited: Artangel & Oreet Ashery Present ‘Staying’

Early last year I wrote a blog titled The Epitome Of A Stud. Later that year I received a letter from Satoko Fujishiro from the London-based organization Artangel. They asked to use excerpts from The Epitome Of A Stud to be included in an upcoming publication. A select portion of my writing would be used in conjunction with one of the alter egos in the book who is called Soft Stud. There was no contemplating anything. Suffice it to say, I […]