Of All Things

Sensitive yet proud are the feelings that carry us Drifting entirely through tiny boxes Oh what irony When love of all things Leaves hearts fluttering I confess to embracing it Holding onto the message My distant longing once met And I suspect there are others Unbeknown to me I see them in your eyes The hurt is stifling […]

Things Fall Together

I admit our misunderstanding was striking. In one fell swoop I went from aroused to feeling your feisty. I was chillin’ on the couch… laying half-naked, I’ll have you know. So when you asked, “what are you doing,” I could barely open my mouth. When stiffled chuckles spouted out. I sat there thinking, for a moment or two before […]

Your Sexy Intellect

I always noticed you My initial feeling was that you were dope I loved how your thoughts processed And how you played it like your were so… shy I especially like it when You casually bite your lip While side eyeing something I just said And all I probably want  Is to be in between both of them I […]

I got tagged by FoxyBrown

I got tagged [by FoxyBrown] so without further ado, here goes something. 1. What inspired you to start a blog and share your style with the world? I started my blog because I have always loved to write, and I found myself writing way too much in my head.  Journals have always provided an instant outlet, but blogging has provided a […]

Black Women’s Interracial Dating Woes

I’ve been working on two blogs for awhile now. The first is about black women and interracial dating, the second is about race and culture and what I feel is a growing disconnect within the lesbian community. They are equally touchy subjects and since I’m one the few that has stepped outside the comfort of my cultural […]

Lost In Thought

Today, I sit and contemplate, and wonder to myself because my mind takes me all over the place on days like this. I dig deep within and get frustrated at the direction the world is moving in. I look at culture and politics, status and class, social-networking and relationships and I’m left with anger and frustration that I […]

Dream Girl

There is this image of you.. one of the very first, at least. I wanted to rip off that little nightie you had on with ease, but I didn’t. You were kind of leaning against the wall waiting for me to pass you by. I didn’t look at you as I walked, but I could feel you with my eyes. Yours were staring into […]

A Poem to Self

My healed black ego Hides well under the scars Placed carefully within Misshapen bouts of depression Can’t think clear enough Through the emotional discarding Of those well-sung lullabies I used to sing myself at night Flying through the open window Out of a heavily burdened mind Makes me thank God For how feminine love makes me Feels so free to alleviate Any […]