Baby Journal: November 24, 2010

November 24, 2010 Today is Zoey’s 8th day on earth and I couldn’t be happier to come home to the little precious bundle every night. I work during the day so I spend as much time with her in the evenings and mornings as I can. I’ve changed more pampers than I care to count, […]

Politics As Warfare

When President Obama took office in 2008, a manufactured political movement began, which coined itself – The Tea Party. Members of the Tea Party were so sure of their political cause, and bolstered by Republican backing, they didn’t think twice about showing up at rally’s, protests and town hall meetings accompanied by their side holstered handguns and fully loaded assault rifles. Some […]

A Family Affair

“Your girlfriend is a good one, I couldn’t do it,” said my friend as we discussed my daughter’s pending arrival and what it would mean for my girlfriend and I. “What kind of toll will this take on your relationship” she pressed on, but I had to interject right then and there.  “You couldn’t do what?” I asked […]

Video: The Birth of Zoey

The drive to the hospital was quiet and surreal and over in a relatively short time. The music coming from the radio was upbeat, in stark contrast to the darkness that surrounded us at that early morning hour. I felt as if I was floating with no place to land, but I didn’t want to land just yet. Everything […]