Newt Gingrich’s Family Values and the Politics of Infidelity

The most successful cheaters are those astutely adept at manipulating fact, fiction, and opinion into whatever they want others to believe, primarily to suit their purpose. It is why I don’t find it hard to believe conservative political analysts and associates alike when they say, Newt Gingrich, a man with unquestionable expertise in the area […]

The Darkness Surrounding the Light of Day

It was surreal to be honest Of the vast desolate silence in the house The only noises felt were within rays Streaming in from above Shining in through the skylight window you so love So much for camping and road trips and festivals to come Oh Clark Street – you must have known this was […]

The Transformation of Lives

How is it That in such a short time You have produced a fear That has crippled our stride As I watched my baby’s face succumb To news neither of us were expecting We became numb Breast cancer the diagnosis It was confirmed to us It had dug in its trenches Tracked footprints across Our […]