I Crave A Love

I crave a love as deep as the ocean I crave what I once had What comes from unconditional loves potion What comes is the question I ask From you the deepest bluest sea forms From your almond eyes is a sea that free forms Allowing artistic honesty to be reborn Allowing love to flow […]

Weapon Of Mass Pleasure

I was ashamed for at the foot of my lovers bed, none so much as a polished toe did curl, save one Bent in opposite direction The biggest of the bunch and sparing my tongue from licking upon A single sliver of golden pearl, Coating the warmth within her skin My licks danced twirls as […]

My Pulse Pounds Silently

Forward I’m normally this strong force; a guiding light that others seek. But she has awakened in this poet, a lover wanting to doggy paddle up her creek. To wade around in her deep sea. Sometimes she makes me weak, great heart skipping beats. And she does so effortlessly. I always trust my intuition, explicitly, […]

Getting Over An Affair

The length of time is not measured In seconds, minutes, hours or years It could take a lifetime To alleviate the tears Of unforgotten moments Times better left Behind the scenes The direction of your soul will shift Your gears may seem all oiled one day And the next it’s as if you were never […]

A Poet In A Dying World c. 2008

The big bad witch is dead the fat lady has finally sung but is it her last song or is she just getting started on the next one. No one ever said how many songs she’d sing in the end or if Osama bin Laden is really truly dead. He’s probably in the Witness Protection […]