A Nation Of Malcolm’s

A nation of Malcom’s Ex themselves and make messes felt Out of the game of life Victory is often curtailed By the mainstreaming and disbelieving Through mind controlled music and videos Saluting video vixens and videos hoes Influencing our youth while We sit back and smile Bobbing and weaving Off of distorted wave sounds Of […]

The Truth About Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a choice The soul makes before birth It has nothing to do with Your souls actual worth We are all worthy in our physical life Blood genes and brain matter aside It is our hearts that matter most What we project from the inside The heart of a gay man Or that of […]

Love Lessons

My butterflies are madly in love In a chaotic moment All it takes is her touch And the brush of her lips Against mine are enough To ruffle all of my feathers Until my peacock comes undone Oh how her storm I will weather How her love I will treasure How she fills up my […]