I Do Things With My Tongue

I do things with my tongue That you ain’t never felt I got skills, tongue game gold I got moves that’ll make you melt You want my mouth on your pantyline Well then come on over here love I want my lips brushing against Your thighs and all The delicate places they touch Followed by […]


Your energy excites me Your fire, it flames Desire all knowing as you whisper my name The curve of your lips like the shape of your frame Your skin like satin A warm soft blanket I want to be wrapped in Bound to you as pleasure ensues Like the melody of the perfect beat I […]

One Day The Distance Grew

One day the distance grew deafening Like silence when in love When all you’re left with is guessing She broke all the rules There were only a few for dating me Couldn’t resist being a rebel No emotions worn on her sleeve Instead she developed a penchant for flirting And a pattern for observing herself […]

Voodoo Slavery

There are more slaves on the planet today than at any time in human history. Haiti has just one of the highest concentrations of slaves anywhere in the world. Are you listening? If you want to buy a person, that’ll be a hundred, possibly fifty. Dollars, that is – they’re fairly cheap and the labor’s […]

Her Body

The way her body moves The gentlest breeze could not detect Quieter than a pin drop Heard millions of miles away In fact; when she walks she glides She floats like a butterfly serene and light Buffering gently against The tiniest fluffiest clouds of white Where puffy gusts of wind do whine As the needle […]

Friends With Benefits

Friend with benefits Seeks filthy whore The ad may as well have read As you clicked on: read more You see, your links were chained From the very first night You knew the loving was fake But the passion was right The way she had you upright Against those walls that she tore down The […]

Secrets Unfold

My secrets unfold for you, my love is on hold for you, but the passion still builds. For my heart is always true. Hearts don’t lie. You are the only woman I see. I can’t break this habit that has formed from longing. From holding you just those few times I can’t get over you. […]