Soul Traveler

We resemble a likeness It cannot be excused When basked in light it is bright But does not intrude Instead it is welcomed As we bathe in its hues Finding new ways to focus New ways to improve We are so much alike Were we twins in another life Were we misplaced when planning fate […]

Lovers and Friends

If I was your best friend before your lover Would that make things better We were the perfect couple Now we not gone be together You were my girl and now you might not love me ever… again It comes back to this, I’m not talking shit, I’m expressing feelings The Gist I’m not attacking […]

Gotta Love Us

Gotta love us studs Proclaiming security while blanketed with self doubt Sucking on thighs to let the demons out Fitted with air force ones Donning button downs and button ups Cocky grins swinging from hips Checking out girls with big butts As the radio teases, watch my bois pretend not to listen too hard, pretend […]