The Dark Side of Affairs IV

I was recently asked by a reader of my blog:  How or what did you read or do in order to initially get it together!? I met my karma head on. After all, it was mine – I earned it, I deserved it, I knew it was coming and so I braced and prepared myself for the […]

Can You Be Friends With An Ex?

It’s not a difficult pursuit unless the relationship ended so badly there is absolutely no chance of reconciliation. Cultivating a true friendship after the romance is dead is especially difficult if the relationship was one dimensional throughout, i.e., the physical attraction overpowered an intense emotional connection that could have been established. If the friendship was solid prior to the onset of romance, then retaining it is likely to complicate […]

Angry Contemplation

I was reading Alix’s latest blog and I started to reflect on past breakups I’ve had  and as I reflected on the worst of the worst I remember how… A dark cloud looms above as toxic rain falls reminiscent of lost love My heart so full it could burst straining against my chest in remembrance of her Wanting […]

360 Degrees of Us

Countless times she told me she loved me I told her in due time she’d show me she loved me And then there was this, our souls mating in destiny For she insisted our past lives were destined to be She claimed we had been together all throughout history In one life I broke her […]

Premier Feature

The weekend show was our very own special Words tossed like pizzas leaving emotions disheaveled Torn in pieces, ragged remnants remain distorted bevels Mirror images of self descruct; my relationship’s in trouble My point of view is this, piece of mind remains remiss Strategically recorded her when she matter-of-factly called it quits Hard feelings ’cause […]