In Loving Memory of My Girlfriend

My girlfriend, best friend, confidant and soul mate passed away after a valiant fight against an especially aggressive breast cancer. She was the light of my life and many others as she affected each and every one of us in her own special way. She was a vibrant spirit – containing a genuine love for […]

Coming To Terms

I set myself to task to write about this cancer journey with the diligence necessary to overcome the slight depression that had come down on me. Crazy how many countless obstacles have littered the path my babe and I set out on over 6 years ago. Despite the threats to our happiness early on in […]

Relationships: Cancer Changes Everything

(circa 1998) Where is my will Where has my spirit gone Flown away like a dove Released and peaceful Yet I am not pure All perfection a figment Always the occupant Of mortal thoughts Imperfect premises Must it be this way A constant contemplate… We went from being at peace to declaring war in a […]