A Family Affair

“Your girlfriend is a good one, I couldn’t do it,” said my friend as we discussed my daughter’s pending arrival and what it would mean for my girlfriend and I. “What kind of toll will this take on your relationship” she pressed on, but I had to interject right then and there.  “You couldn’t do what?” I asked […]

One Voice Worldwide: Gay Pride Vol. I

You can deny us our rights, but you can’t deny us our pride. Red for life.  Orange for healing.  Yellow for the sun.  Green for nature. Blue for art.  Indigo for harmony.  Violet for spirit.  [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2Rp8ep_ezE[/youtube] 

1×6: Why are the transgendered taboo?

It’s that time of the week. Check out the latest 1 x 6 roundtable discussion at SteadyCat’s blog for answers to this question and more. Your comments and input are welcome and appreciated.       image by

Gays and Lesbians Who Support Proposition 8

Please head over to my colleague’s blog spot to read 6 individual blogger responses to this question. We are a bi-weekly roundtable discussion group (1×6) that will answer pressing questions that affect you, me, and everyone around us. A Brown Girl No matter your opinion, your insight is welcome and appreciated. Feel free to comment, agree or […]