The Things She Carries

She carries the reflection of a long lost love making up for the years we were made to wait while crossing out strangers faces and names while trying to remain sane throughout it all

Tripping On Her 

I’ve got a story for everything
And marks on my neck the length and girth of Tennessee
From a girl with a sweet tooth for the likes of me
She’s got her eyes on my body of work
And the words I say are always on their mark

The Art Of Love

The art of loving Requires no brush of paint Or numbered two pencil She is the art Her heart the canvas Upon which my love is stenciled How I need no eyes to see The desire written upon her own My chocolate skin coating her caramel Body in kisses; where licks too are honed Wanting […]

Wake Up One Morning

I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to love again I’ve had this feeling ever since I could count to ten From the very moment I realized My love was for women I never thought about marriage, or decided to give men a chance Although a guy was the one To steal my first […]

This is not your average post

I am not looking for my first time, as that happened years ago. The Tremont Hotel Chicago was situated in an enclave, surrounded by the city view just off of the Magnificent Mile. It was the second time she had come to visit and I was not looking for a good time. I was a […]

Missing The Touch

Missing the touch That sent me over the edge Before the parting of ways Came full speed ahead This loss and distance resounds in echoes of sleepless Nights spent Wallowing in tears of long gones and regret This lover knows no better Than to believe she was the best No one else could drape me […]

The Universe in Discord

They shootin’ rockets at the moon Claim they lookin’ for water Awarding President’s Peace Prizes He ain’t done shit to stop the slaughter Requires a crisis of conscious Why a crisis is upon us But I don’t wish for terrible things Only for them to be spun off us Brought out into the light To […]

Whatever Feels Right

I’ve written thousands of words dedicated to memories of you. How you swept through me like a tornado, left stormy thoughts encased in halos. Already knowing what the ending would be, but craving its heyday. For out of the chaos would come something beautiful. A warm sun, mid-day. The only one I could always count […]

Of All Things

Sensitive yet proud are the feelings that carry us Drifting entirely through tiny boxes Oh what irony When love of all things Leaves hearts fluttering I confess to embracing it Holding onto the message My distant longing once met And I suspect there are others Unbeknown to me I see them in your eyes The hurt is stifling […]

Love Is Imperfect Perfection

My love runs through Broken hearts and altered souls Exalted love was made impure While walking paths that no bound knows Whispering nothings sweet and minced Empty proclamation’s dispensed Yet still hearts deeply embedded within  Permanently encased within a permanence A familiar feeling I became acquainted with So while lust and desire took a hold our gift You held on to promises made Without pretense ————————————— We endured the pain of turning […]

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