Preparing To Be A Lesbian Dad

les•bi•an dad n, neologism 1. a. A lesbian or genderqueer parent who feels that traditionally female titles (i.e., “mother”) don’t quite fit, and who is willing to appropriate and redefine existing male ones (i.e., “father”): She was a tomboy when she was a kid, so it’s not surprising she’s a lesbian dad as a parent. […]

Dream Girl

There is this image of you.. one of the very first, at least. I wanted to rip off that little nightie you had on with ease, but I didn’t. You were kind of leaning against the wall waiting for me to pass you by. I didn’t look at you as I walked, but I could feel you with my eyes. Yours were staring into […]

Weekend Rap-Up: Highs and Lows

I’ve been a Williams sisters fan for as long as I can remember. I can appreciate and admire the visibility and respect they’ve garnered for their masterful prowess on and off the tennis court.  Thanks in large part to having parents that care.  Following this weekends outrageous on-court outburst, there’s been a lot of talk among die hard […]

Ten Random Monday Mumblings V. 1

Blogging: When commenting on a post it’s always a good idea to include a link back to your web page in the URL section. I’ve noticed that people often don’t check their URL for accuracy after typing it into the text box and guess what? The address you’re pointing people to could be misspelled so […]

Quasi Coherent Ramblings II

I can’t believe this woman had the nerve to get an attitude As if this understanding we’ve reached is giving her some extra latitude Well it ain’t The situation is simply propagated by emotion filled rage over issues we’ve recently engaged I had no idea the very prospect of my realizations came through “weary hatin’ […]